India is celebrating centenary celebration of Cooperative Law. The first Cooperative Law of India The Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1904 was passed on 25th March 1904. Agricultural Credit Cooperative Society, of Kanaginahal village of Gadag District in Karnataka was the first cooperative Society formed under First Cooperative law of India.


The earliest co-operatives were set-up among the weavers, in other words workers in cottage industries, who were the first and the hardest hit by the development of the mercantile economy and the industrial revolution.


Welcome to the world of Karnataka State Souharda Federal Cooperative Ltd, the first Apex Body of New generation cooperatives in India. Souharda Federal Cooperative is a democratically elected self-regulatory organization of the cooperatives registered under Karnataka Souharda Sahakari Act, 1997.

Members : All the cooperatives registered under the Act are the members of Federal cooperative. The membership to Federal cooperative is mandatory.

Highest body : The apex body of the organization is the general body consisting of representatives of member cooperatives. The General Body meets once in a year. If any urgent matters special General Body may be convened.

Board of Directors : Each revenue district will have one representation in the Board. The Board of Directors will be elected from the members. The board will meet six times in a year. It is the policy making body of the cooperative and its term is five cooperative years.

President and Vice president : The board of directors will elect the President and Vice President The objective of the organization is not to control the members but to act as friend, philosopher and guide to the members in discharge of their fiduciary functions. Being the first of its kind in the country, the Federal Cooperative is striving to set standards for such organizations and hence welcomes all suggestions to help it become a role model.

The basic guidelines for the formation of Co-operatives under Karnataka Souharda Sahakri Act, 1997 are as follows:

  • Promoters meeting
  • Collecting initial share capital
  • Registration
  • Election to first Board
  • Beginning of activities

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